TedNivison, also known as Theodore Nivison or Ted, is a member of SMPLive Minecraft server. Commonly referred to as a boomer (playing at a common jest towards how baby boomers are out of touch), despite not actually being of the baby boomer generation, he is regularly bullied by his chat and best identifies with fellow SMPLive member and boomer VoiceOverPete.


TedNivison is an original member of SMP Live and is friends with many of the other people on the server. He is also known as The Milkman due to a character he has played on his Youtube channel as well as trying to ensure all SMPLive members have milk buckets. His goals on the server can vary from stream to stream but one constant is to become very powerful on the server. Ted has successfully completed a few personal projects, such as "Operation Shulko" and the Subspace highway, with other projects being worked on. Ted also runs the cult-like religion on the server, known as T̴͐͂ H̴̾̃ E̴͆̆ ̷̊͋ V̶̑̐ O̵̺͋ I̷̒̏ D̸̒̃.


  • “Well, what the bruh fuck.” 
  • "Gonna go exfoliate with an old gravel road brb"
  • "God, if I saw Pikachu right now I’d beat the living shit out of him"
  • "Fuck you guys I'm baby"
  • "AH, I'M A DAD!"
  • "'It's the ideeeeea... of owning a raven' -Peter Caine Dog Training"
  • "THE VOID!"
  • "Cram"
  • “Raspberry Cram, Berry Cram, or Very Berry Cram?”
  • "Laid in the sun for about a fortnight, it will be harder than STEEL"
  • "Shut up Travis!"
  • "Oh fuck its Big Lion"
  • "S H A C K"
  • "That's called peer pressure and also bullying"
  • "Stop taking advice from Toyota drivers."
  • "Fuckin crossing streams, bro. Combined power, ultimate piss."
  • "This looks like what I would call Moon Juice."
  • "Why don't we have a state called Nashoba?"
  • "Oh shit, it's Bombo."
  • "What have you stolen?"
  • "Can we talk about these weird swingy ballsack monsters?"
  • "It's just toilet paper!"
  • "That's gonna effect your presidential campaign."


  • The milkman
  • Acropolis of Athens
  • He is a member of the GoopCast.
  • He is very close friends with Moses_IRL and has him in many of his YouTube videos.
  • He is an Airbender.
  • He vapes
  • Has a mini fridge
  • He has a character he sometimes plays named Goose, known friend of Craigory. Goose broke Gumball's TV.
  • His name is actually spelled as Ted
  • He is chat's dad
  • He is a boomer and boomers must stick together, hence his friendship with Pete
  • Has beef with Peter Caine Dog training
  • Loves meatloaf and banana bread
  • Doesn’t like banana milk
  • He is the fiend who brought BIG LION into the world
  • He loves wegmans
  • Has peed before
  • He is dating Carson's aunt
  • His discord and twitch staff are the coolest people ever
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