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cscoop, better known as Cooper, is one of the creators of SMPLive. He is a master of piston traps, killing many other SMPLive players with them. He frequently plays with Joko, Miqzah and Traves. He's also highly skilled at PVP and has a very low death count despite being on the server since Day 1.


Cooper's skin is an anthropomorphic fish with green scales and black eyes. He has green and yellow fins on the sides of his head.

He typically is seen not wearing anything, but sometimes wears different outfits.


By fans, he is frequently depicted as a humanoid fish hybrid that looks similar to his real life counterpart, with light skin, blue eyes and blond hair. Typically this more humanoid appearance also features fish elements such as the head fins from his skin, and a long tail that fans out into a fin at the end.


Cooper is highly mischievous and likes to prank other players and just generally cause mayhem on the server. He is smart and cunning, with a knack for hard to detect redstone traps. He is also a skilled fighter due to his past as a UHC player, and is frequently given hits due to this.

He admits that sometimes he would rather just chill out, but because of the constant hits he receives, he doesn't really have a choice than to fight people.[1]

"Listen, I really wanna fish. I don't wanna murder people. I just- This man keeps giving me money over and over. I can't help it." ― Cooper, talking about getting hit after hit on Joko

Joko is the most frequent target of his schemes and violence, with him sometimes getting up to three hits on Joko in a single stream.

Cooper also tends to get worked up when people aren't cooperating or something isn't going as he planned. He is also highly organized, always making sure to put things back in the right chest.


Month 1

Cooper joins the server on Day 1. He lives in a village with Traves and Joko. When Joko builds a giant cobblestone penis on Carson's base, Cooper decides to build a gay pride flag over the top of it. He also gets a few hits on Poke and attacks him, successfully managing to take Poke's first death.

Carson introduces Cooper and Travis to The Anti Cult Coalition, which the two join in the hopes of fighting Jadarko's salmon cult.[2] Cooper designs the ACC base, and the three begin building it.[3] Tension slowly builds between the newly formed group, with Cooper almost killing Carson,[4] but they do eventually finish building the base.

On March 23, Cooper creates a shop at spawn that sells slime (and briefly ice) called Cooper's Slime, causing him to have a brief rivalry with Connor, who has a shop dedicated to ice. It seems Connor wins this conflict, as Cooper stops selling ice.

At some point, Cooper sets up pitfall traps all over the server.[5]

Month 2

On April 8, Cooper becomes the week's server cop. During his time in the role, he instills a rule banning the use of golden apples and potions on the server, leading to conflict with Billy.

On April 19, Cooper decides to create an illegal drug ring using his base's library as a coverup. He arrives at the Nether Hub during Jschlatt and Twomad's staring contest to tell Schlatt that he has a potential business opportunity for him.[6] Connor and Schlatt follow Cooper back to his base, where he explains his drug ring idea to them. Cooper tests one of his traps on Schlatt due to his intended target being offline at the time, which greatly upsets Schlatt, who quickly leaves with Connor.[7]

Cooper does, however, provide Schlatt with gold blocks to construct his Schlattcoin Monument with.

On April 26, Cooper participates in the Assassin Event. Cooper accidentally invokes the wrath of Jimmy's dogs and begins to panic, but ultimately survives. He also gets increasingly more frustrated when Angel refuses to hit him, as he can't attack her without being provoked and he's bored and wants to fight someone. He is one of the last 3 players alive alongside Joko and Connor. Cooper attacks Joko, but is killed.[8]

On April 27, Cooper terrorizes Joko in various ways, such as building a gay pride flag on the side of his Casino Cruise Ship and killing him repeatedly.[9]

On April 29, Cooper sues Nick for building an ugly cobblestone structure at spawn. He wins this case, and a law is made that Nick is no longer allowed to build at spawn and that he must take down his cobblestone building. He tries to keep peace in the courtroom, becoming clearly irritated when Poke shoots at another player. He is also later pitched Splegg by Poke, but is outraged at the absurdly high price.

Month 3

On May 19,[10] Cooper tags along with Joko to show BasedBeefy around the server. Cooper leads Beefy to the JokoPods store, trying to make him get caught in the trap he set up months earlier, but it doesn't work, as Beefy just jumps right over. He then gives Beefy a bow, which he immediately uses to shoot Joko.[11]

On May 23, Cooper serves as the judge when Angel and Dinkster sue Poke, though Cooper admits that he doesn't actually know the case and is largely confused as to what's going on. He ultimately says that Poke has to give Angel three raw chicken for letting some of her chickens loose on accident, but concedes when Poke asks if he can just give her a diamond instead.

When Mason decides to sue Poke over his Splegg build being ugly, Cooper initially sides with him, saying that Poke's build is a "monstrosity" when juxtaposed with the nice shop next to it. He also points out the ridiculous price of Splegg again, which causes Poke to increase the price even further. Cooper says "who gives a shit" and says that it's stupid that Poke's built a monument to some guy who hosted UHC events in the past. Poke replies by insulting Cooper for being a fish. Cooper insists that he wasn't trying to diss UHC, being a former UHC player himself, but instead that he just thinks the build is stupid since it's just a random dude's face. He concedes when chat votes to keep the Splegg build, however, and they all decide to destroy Beef's Epic Shop instead.

On May 24, CaptainSparklez joins, and Cooper is there alongside many others to welcome him. He sits in a boat with Joko while Dinkster shows off his Tic-Tac-Toe game, and casually watches as Sparklez is face-to-face with Altrive dressed as him. He steps on a pressure plate to set off a pitfall trap on Pete, and lets Joko get the blame for it, despite everyone clearly seeing he did it. He and Joko bicker for a bit about whose fault it was before moving on.

Month 4

On June 6, Cooper gets drunk along with Mikey and Ted, and they attempt to build a skyscraper. They struggle with this and end up fighting. Sparklez then logs on, and Cooper decides he's going to try to kill him, but Sparklez logs off, leading Cooper to try to find where he logged off (in the Nether) and dig a giant hole for him to fall into and die. Sparklez logs back on, and immediately falls to his death. He later sues a very confused Gold for "pedophilia", and somehow manages to win this case, cheerfully exclaiming "Gold is gay" over and over.

On June 7, Cooper and Traves visit Schlatttown, as Connor wants to show off a glitched "Herobrine" block he had found that was invisible. The two are unimpressed as Connor tries and fails to remove the block. The four - Cooper, Travis, and Schlatt & Co., then set off to Gold's base. Connor is enamored with Gold's pet bird, Rye, and he and Schlatt have the idea of kidnapping the bird for themselves, which Cooper and Travis agree to help with. They take the bird through the tunnel to Schlatt's base, but it ends unceremoniously when Travis accidentally hits Rye with his axe, killing it. Gold logs on at that time, and has a brief fight with Travis that ends in him dying, causing him to take the four to court. Pete serves as the judge, Ted as the prosecution, and Burren as the defense. The trial ends inconclusively due to both sides being accused of various crimes and Cooper deciding halfway through to attack Gold.[12]

On June 10, Cooper challenges and successfully defeats a raid alongside Travis.[13]

On June 12, Cooper works on his sugar cane farm at his base while chatting with Joko and Mikey. Joko points out that Nick was rebuilding at spawn after it was ruled that he can't, so they get the week's server cop, AntVenom, to evict him. Cooper and Ant play a game of spleef with Nick's cobblestone structure, and Cooper gets a hit on himself.[14]

On June 30, Cooper does some general resource management, checking on his shops and both his old and new base. Altrive tells him to look at Schlatt's chest room for a prank he set up, and Cooper agrees and heads over. After heading through a tunnel in the Nether, he immediately falls into a pitfall trap, though just barely manages to live. Cooper goes down to Schlatt's chest room to discover that it has been covered in white maps.

Month 5

On July 19, Cooper and Arlus set out to wreak havoc on the Roof Border Society, and successfully destroy the only water source block.

On July 27, Cooper plays the Monopoly game built by Asaii with various other server members.


Personal items
Name Notes
Enchanted Diamond Sword DAD
Enchanted Crossbow Firearm[15] Given to him by Joko.


Relationships with other players
Name Notes
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt Neutral
During the Assassin Event, Cooper is aggressive towards Angel as he is bored and wants her to fight him. However, outside of this, they tend to be neutral towards each other when they interact, such as when Cooper rules in her favor when judging a court case.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt Neutral/positive
Cooper and Beefy got along alright during Beefy's first day on the server, although Cooper did mess with him a few times.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt Neutral
Cooper and Carson's interactions tend to range from generally positive to very strained. Even from the start, when Cooper joins the ACC at Carson's invite, he quickly gets into an argument with him.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt Neutral
Cooper briefly has a business rivalry with Connor over selling ice. The two don't interact much outside of this, but when they do it stays relatively neutral. Cooper does assist Connor and Schlatt in stealing Gold's bird, though this might just be because Cooper likes to annoy Gold.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt Negative
Cooper likes to terrorize Gold, such as suing him for outrageous crimes he did not commit and helping Schlatt & Co. kidnap his bird.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt Negative
As a member of the Anti-Cult Coalition, Cooper is vehemently opposed to any cults in SMPLive, and Jadarko's salmon cult is no exception, as it is the initial reason the ACC was formed.
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt Neutral/positive
Cooper and Joko are friends, though Cooper frequently bullies and kills Joko, causing Joko to get irritated. The two bicker a lot and will go in circles blaming each other for things.[16] Cooper also will sometimes jokingly flirt with Joko in vulgar ways, which annoys him even further.[17]
Relationship SlightlyPositive LargePixelArt Neutral/positive
Cooper and Mikey are friends. They often get into shenanigans together and play together frequently. Mikey does sometimes get on Cooper's nerves, however.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt Negative
Cooper goes out of his way to destroy Nick's cobblestone structures at spawn simply because he finds them ugly, even suing him for them, leading to a law that bans Nick from building at spawn. He also calls Nick an idiot who doesn't know how to play Minecraft.
Relationship SlightlyNegative LargePixelArt Neutral/negative
While not on outwardly bad terms with Poke, Cooper does get into conflict with him frequently and the two often bicker. Cooper particularly takes issue with the price of Poke's "Spleggs", and sides with Mason about the structure being ugly.
RelationshipNeutral LargePixelArt Neutral
Cooper's interactions with Schlatt are a bit all over the place. He has, at times, made Schlatt very angry, and at other times he has causally hung out with him or helped him in some capacity.
Relationship VeryNegative LargePixelArt Negative
Cooper is a member of the Anti-Cult Coalition, which directly opposes Billy's bread cult and everything it stands for. Billy also forms Breadtopia after Cooper's rule banning potions and golden apples, specifically declaring it to be a lawless land and even going to war with Spawn City.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt Positive
Ted and Cooper are friends, and often play together. At times, Ted acts as the "sane man" of their social circle, such as dealing with drunk Cooper in "Drinking and Killing CaptainSparklez". Cooper (and the ACC at large) seems to be mostly unaware of the Void cult.
Relationship VeryPositive LargePixelArt Positive
Cooper and Travis are good friends and frequently play together. Cooper tends to end up being the go-to lawyer when Travis is involved in a court case, and he also sometimes acts as the voice of reason to him, though at other times he eggs him on.


  • "I'm a fuckin' blapperborn. I'm a shit boy. I eat boxes."
  • "Let me suck your dick or you're homophobic!"
  • "I'm not buying a Splegg! They're 85 diamonds! I could murder several men for 85 diamonds. Can I murder several men with a Splegg?"
  • "Oh my god, I'm bored out of my mind! Hit me with your axe!"
  • "The sun rises, hot dog lady!"
  • "What are you chortling at, little gamer?"
  • "The gays love me!"
  • "You think you can outrun me, little man?"


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